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Billions of Data, One Cybersecurity Report. Now available – SIRv17 | Cyber Trust Blog

Billions of Data, One Cybersecurity Report. Now available – SIRv17

Each year around this time, I start to get a number of inquiries from customers anxiously awaiting the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. Customers want to better understand the latest threat trends, the shifts we are seeing in cybercriminal behavior, the new techniques that are being used, and the malware families that are most prevalent. Of course they also want actionable guidance that helps protect their organization and customers. Today, I am pleased to share that we just published Volume 17 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv17).

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report is the most comprehensive threat intelligence report in the industry. It provides data and insights on malware, exploits and vulnerabilities based on data from more than a billion systems worldwide and some of the busiest online services. It also includes actionable guidance to help IT Professionals manage risk. The latest report, Volume 17, focuses on the first half of 2014, with trend data for the last several quarters.

As I travel around the world and speak with customers, I am commonly asked what’s new in the latest report? For starters, we have a new section dedicated to securing account credentials. We’ve also included a deep dive on the effectiveness of expired trial antivirus software, as well as a section that provides insight into how Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit does botnet disruptions.

In the near future, I will be blogging about some of the key findings I found to be most interesting, but why wait? Download the report today at

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